Black nail polish

The nails are never painted anymore
But they’ve retained shape.
They remind me of our simple days!
When painting them black
Was fab!

I miss our simple times,
Sharing on our innocent paper chats
The silly things that annoyed us,
How funny the English teacher was,
When Avril and No doubt was cool
And we secretly listened to Ronan too
And the endless assumptions
On whether my quiet crush
Was giving me looks …

You were my fashion police,
Moved me from baggy to fits
All without making me feel
Unlike the cruel way the World looked at me 🙂

I still remember a lot of things
Perhaps because nothing could replace our memories,
Of two teen girls and their beautiful friendship.

We haven’t seen the World together,
Nothing happened like we planned,
Yet, here we are, literally Worlds apart
After all these years
Still keeping tabs
What I wouldn’t give
To have one more nail painting session,
I’d paint my nails black again 😉

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