Travelling with toddler: KL 3

Human nature is not appreciating time when its right. As I am writing this in the middle of the night in Dhaka, I am getting flashbacks of Kuala Lumpur.

The sweet and sour taste of our KL trip is still fresh in my memory.

Things didn’t go as planned in KL. Our plan to visit Genting via KL Sentral station in the bus early. The ride was an hour but it would have been a panoramic one through the double decked. But it failed. Although I was ready and out the hotel with Zayyan right on time at 8:30, it took me 2 hours to find the bus stop and when I did, the early morning bus already left and we had to wait for the next bus at 1:30. This meant, no Batu Caves and waiting around with 6 people and a baby in Nu Sentral.

So, after we left the hotel at 8:30, we took a stop at ABC Nasi Kandar in KL Sentral. The annoying thing about Monorails were, there was no way to move with prams. Poor broInLaw had to carry it and show off his muscles.

We had Roti Canai and Teh Tarik for breakfast and I realised now…I couldnt share my 2006 KL stories with my family because I was took busy finding things. Anyway, I digress…

So then  I started looking for the Genting bus stop. Thing to note here: Malaysians are NOT good with directions. Perhaps in Malay they are but in English they only said “Go Down”. No maps to direct WHERE in the bigass CENTRE full of trains, bus and monorail.
Exhausted and tired, Hasib and I also realised that accessability is babypoop in Malaysia, and it would be a pain to go to the stop in the first place. There were no big cabs as apparently there was a convention going on and none was free.

Dad, Zayyan’s grandfather then took over, laughed at google and us and found two cabs the old school way.

My mom heart skipped as I realised Zayyan was soaked in sweat while I was away looking for the stop and I quickly changed him in the middle of a mall…because the toilets and baby room were too bloody far away.

The cabbies were South Indian and they agreed to take us to Batu Caves and Genting in 220 RM per cab. Yes, there was a lot of haggling, sweating, arguing, waiting, more haggling.

Our first stop was to take a few pictures at Kings Palace. Zayyan was squeaking with joy, looking at horses during the Change of guards. Next at Batu Caves, he saw REAL monkeys.

It was at Genting highland cable car that he seemed to enjoy the most. Throughout the trips he looked for mice, hathi, bagh among the lush greenery of Genting.