I love you

I love the messy sticky food on your face – Im happy you ate.

I love the sand in your shoes and your hair – You’re learning motor skills.

I love the regular heavy diaper – You are hydrated.

I love when you raise your hands towards me – I feel you trust me.

I love the awkward way I have to sleep to so your tiny arms fit around my neck – I fall asleep watching you sleep.

I love those interrupting calls from childcare – Im happy I get to spend more time taking care of you.

I love the messy bathroom after your bath – I love the smell of your wet hair and soft baby skin.

I love the struggle of helping you to put in shoes – I get to play with your tiny toes and feet.

I love the wrestle when I have to dress you up – You teach me patience.

I love to see you sit up, look around and then fall asleep again in the middle of the night – I get to spend a night sleeping by myself.

I love to hear your little voice calling out to me midnight for a cuddle – You teach me resilience.

I love to watch your face – I love the million expressions you make

I love your half spoken and illegible words – One day, you will speak clearly and I’ll miss all this unspoken love…