The best anniversary gift

This is an open letter to my husband.

Life hasn’t turned out exactly how we planned. Our lives have been brought together by our parents. Neither of us knew each other, except for facebook chats.

I met you literally 5 days before our wedding. Our wedding felt like a dream, too beautiful and too short (I will never forgive my bitch of a boss). And then your life turned upside down.

You moved countries.
You left home, parents, brother, your favourite gram-bangla, career, friends to be with me.
You joined me as a migrant.
You became a big part of my migrant story.

Starting life from scratch in a new country, new people, new culture, new language is never easy. And additionally, you had your set of struggle: new wife.

I have been waiting for this day since the day you arrived. As I exit the airport, I visualised you driving our car. I knew that would be the day you will, well and truly belong here, because when you drive, you will have wings. You will go to places whenever you want, you will well and truly be free. My baobao, your shoshur always taught me – driving gives you wings. You will discover a part of yourself you never knew existed. An independent self: you will feel like a free-bird.

My dear husband, you are now a free bird. And I am immensely proud of your achievement.

The best gift you gave me for our Anniversary was the beautiful day trip, and you drove me to the destination.

We missed out on our 20’s with each other but I look forward 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s 70s 80s 90s with you ; I know the time with you will be filled with more adventures.