Part time mom

My day begins at 2 am
His head hit the cot again.
I watch quietly as he turns over,
And put the dummy back.

A few hours later, I wake again,
This time he wants some cuddle
I have only one hour to go
So he joins me like a little Roo.

Wakey wakey says the alarm at five.
I wish I had more time.
I nuzzle his face to wake him up.
I wish I could give him longer sleep.

The heels go click click click,
The bags are in the car
The diaper is fresh and tight
Time to turn off the street lights

I hold my breath to see who’s in shift
I hope its his favourite carer
Otherwise there will be waterworks
The tears last only a few moment
I know because I wait outside,
Until I hear the cries turn to laugh.

As the train zooms past
I make a list of low levels
Diapers, wipes, cloths that are tight
I need to find some shopping time.

As the clock goes past nine,
I know its his nap time.
And then past the twelve hand,
He must be eating lunch then.
As the clock sweeps past three,
Only one hour till Im free
I have to pick him up quick.

At 5, time for some quick shopping…
At 5:30…oh no I wish could pick him earlier than this.
He’s usually the last one to pick,
He runs to me, for that bear hug.
I can smell that pungent scent,
I smile to myself, its an addiction.

Time to eat dinner baby,
And make three four dishes dirty.
Then a little bubble bath time.
Just after a bit of run around.

To my dissappointment he falls asleep,
Tired from the days activities.
Thats when I recall Im hungry;
And then theres the laundry to go
The bags to prepare
The lunch to make the next day
The cloths to wash, dry and fold,
The linen to change
The bathroom to clean
The carpets to vaccuum…
That my dears
Is all in a days work
For that part time mamma.