Zayyan…you’re 18 months

Just listening to relaxing music while Zayyan’s dozing off, playing with my glasses.

The hardest part of being a working mom is the constant guilt of feeling Im not there for my child enough…its these weekends when my raving and screaming 18 month old plays around the house, throws this/that and I feel a total mess filled with self doubt and worldly worries. Then as he falls asleep as he makes me watch and listen to sea waves (on tv) while Zayyan holding on to my little finger…this is when I realise, he just forced me to leave all my Worldly practical worries : the bills, the house, the socials, the career, the food and lie next to him and do what I truly need…to relax my mind..

He ignores me sometimes, screams, scratches my face if I don’t put up with his demands…but that lasts only for a few seconds. This little person makes me feel very special…the moment I am out of vision, he would come looking for me, even though Ive spent the last hour trying to get a “kissy” from him…

Yes, parenthood is tough…and no one would truly understand its meaning, until they have toiled raising kids… But its worth the challenge…the poops, the dirt, the screams, the sleepless nights, and the anxiety all makes up the meaning of life!