Yo, mankind

Yo! why every woman should be treated like a queen…

Look at the mirror,

Then, the father, brother and the World.
You are mankind.

Every woman bleeds all her life
Just to keep you alive.

You exist because she bore you within her body
It mutilated like a bee stung her
And yet, she accepts that with a smile.

On her D-Day and your your birthday
She nearly dies to keep you alive
You feed on her for one odd year
While her organs churn inside.

All this while, a true king must care for his queen..
Some Kings pass the test, some fail..
Those who pass love her, feed her, cry for her,
Endures her insanity
While she endures pain.

Not many kings understand his role in mankind…
He fails Nature and his title is lost in time…
Nature has granted a piece of itself on a woman, not a man.
Nature has granted woman the power to birth…
So who are you to ask and not give
The title a woman truly deserves… ?