Marriage: Its no joke

This is an open letter to all my unmarried friends, brothers, sisters and cousins. And to anyone who takes marriage lightly.

You are not married .You not NOT RESPONSIBLE for anyone but YOU. Perhaps you are in a relationship or casually dating or even single…that’s OK. You are only responsible for your-self, not a second person or even a third! Enjoy this. Study, travel, make friends, flirt, pick a challenge and just do it, take a holiday, fight with parents-then come back and makeup, fail and laugh, succeed and cry…do whatever, except, for getting married if you’re not ready.

Please don’t say “I do” before every inch of your body is happy with taking responsibilities that comes with marriage.

In a happy marriage, the most important aspect is being happy even when you know your spouse is being an idiot, or being ridiculous, or being the-worlds-biggest-party-pooper. A happy marriage is when you are happy to stoop down to the same level of stupidity as your spouse simply because it makes YOU happy.

See, marriage is beautiful when you are of a certain age, you know yourself, you are matured, but marriage at a a age, when you should be free, enjoying life, getting to know yourself – marrying to meet the social status quo, to keep your parents, friends, and relative happy…you rob yourself of a time in your life that NEVER COMES BACK!

So, take it from someone who’s happily married, mashallah…take your time. Run away. Just don’t get married, unless you are ready.