A mom’s claim: For Zayyan

Little Zayyan
You are 3 months and tiny
I saw your first giggle
I was as happy as you will be when your first crush is smiling!
I heard your first gleeful calls and screams-
I felt how you’ll feel when you achieve your graduate degree.
I saw your first kicks and how you raised your arms in joy
I felt how you’ll feel when you get your first salary.
When you grasped my fingers tight I felt full of pride
Just like you will when you learn to pay your own bills.

Little Zayyan, know this
You will not remember who loved you, cuddled you, fed you, cared for you at your earliest days
One day you will learn to speak, you will learn to stand on your feet
And you will forget the person who celebrated your earliest victories.

So Zayyan my dear son,

Know that I claim

Your first few months will always be mine to frame.