Oh little one

For my 10 day old Zayaan…

From a little insignificant dot
A woman’s body stitches a tiny body through her body
Nausea, sickness, heaviness and nine months later
She brings to this World
A screaming little bundle of joy
The little one has little limbs
Little eyes, nose, lips, feet
The little one only knows food, sleep and poop as he lies helplessly,
Eyes closed, mouth a little open and moving his limbs aimlessly…
The little one coughs
The little one struggles on open space
That is very different from the secured womb of mom…
The little one smiles when he hears mom’s voice
His greedy mouth opens, head moves side to side waiting happily:
His food truck is nearby
His security is close
He has nothing to fear
Because mom is near
He craves for the cuddles so warm and soft
He doesn’t know what to call her
Everyone calls her, his mom.

©Tasnim Hafiz