The change in herself

She’s known herself, 

Accustomed from the tip of nails to every scar that shaped her body.

Then, one fine day, she’s wakes up and…

Her tummy feels so tight, she couldn’t feel the softness of her skin,

Her feet swell, as she watched helpless, Her carefully pedicured feet and legs took a shape that belonged to someone else!

She ate to your hearts content, then felt burning sensation and panicks thinking it’s premature labour!

She tries to cross her legs and the huge bump always came in the way,

She tried to sit up legs folded underneath and her back gives away,

She wants to just sleep and not go wee,

But a kick in the middle of the night sends her sprinting!

This is pregnancy…
This is what a woman goes through to bring a child to this world.

She gives up a body she’s known all her life,

Only to stitch another little miracle of life.

And yet, we live in a World today

Where pregnancy is taken for granted

Where they claim its a woman’s duty to give up her body

Where a woman is not given rights  that actually morphs her into someone she doesn’t want to be…

@Tasnim Hafiz