Act of Terrorism Vs Act of Lunacy

Yesterday, I saw on the news 26 Churchgoers were murdered at Texas. And some of the instant reactions I got were:
-Oh the Muslims strike again!
-The murderer must have a beard
-Bloody Muslims destroying the World.
And I said, yup, all Muslims are terrorists!

I actually followed the news because the media said the murderer was a gunman, did not mention his name or looks and basically I was really curious to know, was he really a Muslim?

His name is Devin Patrick Kelley, caucasian, no beard and he did not say Allahu Akbar when murdering. Now we are told the gunman was a lunatic and this was an Act of Lunacy/Evil, but not terrorism.

Of course! ONLY Muslims perform “Acts of Terrorism”, because the World teaches me being a Muslim is being a terrorist!

I am born to a Muslim family. I’ve been born and brought up in a liberal manner with strong emphasis NOT on my cloths or prayers but on messages and principles in the Quran to be a good human being. It is a community I belong to, it is a guide for me that helps me find an identity. Islam and Muslims is perhaps going through a loss of identity themselves!

And recently, being called a Muslim feels like I’m being called names, equivalent to derogatory terms like slut, asshole etc.

I cannot blame anyone but Muslims for it! After all, a handful criminals used Islam to target and destroy the World! So all Muslims must be terrorists! I secretly also wonder why we don’t blame and hate ALL the nations and ALL the religious groups who’ve cause World Wars, Cold Wars, Vietnam Wars, Afghan Wars, the Crusades, etc? Have they not terrorised the World? Have they not done unforgivables war crimes?

I guess its okay to call all Muslims terrorists and all other
crimes “acts of lunacy”. Just because!

I apologise, for being born in a Muslim community, I apologise for standing up for a community of people the World love to hate. Please carry on with your unrational hate for all Muslims, their cloths, their language, their faces, their skins. Because frankly, the World has always been a big bad bully.

I apologise to the World for the misery and inconveniences my community have brought upon your heavenly peaceful World.