Poem: Mass molestation

Dhaka. Bengaluru. Karachi.

Bangladesh. India. Pakistan.

So we now have a trend.

Mass Molestation.

They no longer hide behind masks

They no longer control their predatory hunger

They prey because they know

No one will raise against them

They fear no law, they fear no human, 

They believe women are objects of sexual gratification!

Every unknown man I see,

I fear.

Will he grope me?

If I’m stuck amongst a crowd 

Or homeward bound? 

Will I scream and shout

And all you’ll do is standby

Judge the way I dress

In Bikini or Burkha

You’ll ask yourself

“Does she deserve being groped?”

You ask yourself

“Will I be next? Better save myself”

As he attacks me, you standby,

My hands, my face, back, body and legs

Every inch fighting his strength and scratch

And all you did is standby…

So I guess join the trend

Hashtag mass molestation

Make it a norm

Make it a trend…
©tasnim hafiz, 2017