The narcotics of positivity

She thought it would be easier to pretend she didn’t exist. It wasn’t. She existed everytime she saw a corner with a memory she wanted to forget. She was everywhere! The rooftop of her college, the benches at the park, the bus stop, her bedroom, her mirror…those big eyes stared back at her with tearful corners and asked why? Why her?  What had she done wrong? Would she every do it again? She felt she was nothing but a weakling, no voice, no opinion to stand up for her own rights. She was so weak! Its important for her to seize to exist. She won’t be used again and she won’t be missed! But how?

Alisha smiled as she thought about her past. She certainly did a good job to get rid of her past. She had a haircut, she stood literally stood with her chin up everytime she thought of her mistakes. Her colleagues assumed she was a confident girl – but she was only fighting the devil within who was trying to pull her down. She talked louder deliberately, to overcome lumps forming in her throat, she laughed loudly like there was never tomorrow because she wanted to prove to herself she was happy. 

Alisha smiled as she thought of her past. In her mind, Alisha saw herself change f

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