Android lover…

It was oddly devastating. I knew I have backup so, nothing to worry about. Perhaps insurance would cover it too…maybe it was time for a new one anyway.. 

But it was odd, not having “the brick” by my side…

I was missing making lists, notes, reminders, checking bank account before shopping, planning tomorrow, planning the next week, planning my minutes, hours, days.

I wanted check out what’s on sale, what’s in fashion? I wanted to compare prices…I wanted to shop and shop smart…but I didn’t have the information at my finger tips!

As I went to bed, the heavy nothingness hung next to my bed. I asked Hasib to set up alarm…but felt sad not seeing “6 hours and 30 minutes remaining”…I tried to think about getting a new phone, but did’t have MY phone to do product reviews. 

I fell asleep half wishing tomorrow somehow I’ll wake up to MY alarm…

I realised…my Samsung Note 3 was more than a phone to me. I “met” my husband through this phone, I fast forwarded my skills and therefore career through it too. I shared articles full of anger and emotions on this phone. Over the last 4 years, I have become severely aaccustomed to “this brick”…

Thankfully, Google find me, found my phone. A young lady, found it on the street as I drove off…it was nice and generous of her to keep it and wait for the owner. Also have to thank my mom and dad, who managed to find the girl’s location and retrieve it. Otherwise, there would have been no way for her to find me. 

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