Dear Zindagi…

​I have fangirled about SRK movie releases…MONTHS…before they come out…and yet, I find myself today…on the first day release of Dear Zindagi…I haven’t even listened to ONE song…I’ve lazily watched the trailers on my “little” phone screen, and I have NOT screamed like a little girl…while watching him play Jug…
why? have I gotten over him? his charm? his smile? his eyes and most importantly his humility? I ask myself…feeling ashamed!
NO! Actually I have grown into a whole new type of fan…from a giggling, screaming I love Shahrukh girl…”Dear Zindagi(Life)” happened…and I have changed into a more hardcore fan than ever. 

Yes, Dilwale was an idiotic movie, but could I escape the magic of Gerua? No.

Yes, Fan was weird, but could I escape SRK’s dedication towards technical innovation? No. 

Yes, I fear Raees will be scary and morally scaring (maybe, GOD hope not)… but I will be equally excited to watch this icon play his dream villain role. 
I will never stop being a fan of someone who’s image and personality have inspired me (and millions), of this rags to riches man with equal amount of humanity, pride and humility, of this movie icon who has delivered characters that have influenced many men to embrace their emotional side…and feel you don’t have to be macho to be someones hero…of this super hero who has brought technology annd innovation to Indian Cinema…and of those dimples….those ever lasting dimples! 
I guess the best part is… Hasib Khan I have married someone who share this mmmmm- madness equally… may our madness sustain eternally ;)…lucky me! …cheers to every SRK fan…

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