Weapen of choice

They say, pen has the power of a weapen.Actually, its information that has the power of a weapen, pen is merely a mode to transmit the information from a person’s mind to the Outside World.

I’ve always said…perhaps I heard it somewhere, the third World War will not be with weapens of physical destruction and between nations, it will be with the biggest most powerful tool that man has been using since the dawn of time, the mind and its will be between individual perceptions.

Social Media has empowered people to speak up, speak their minds, share opinions, thoughts, collaborate and human beings have as always are using it in the most destructive way possible. There is a good reason, we did not develop telekinesis, because knowing what really goes on someones mind would be toxic enough to ruin every foundations; add that to everyone reading minds the World will become what we percieve as Hell.

Information, without proper source, proper validation is just another senseless data. Social Media has enable this senseless data to travel and bring like minded groups together and form communities that make them strong. No body has really validated or proved some of the information that floats around. Groups formed because like minded people got the chance to come together and piece together their ideas and concepts.

Today, when I surf facebook, I see extremists of all kinds: the my-religion-is-the-best, the if-you-follow-religion-you-are-not modern, the I-can-afford-the-World, the I-am-helpless ones, the I-help-the-poor, the equality-is-life, the I-have-to-proof-everyone-wrong and I can go on and on.

Yes social media has brought people closer, but it has changed the face of socialising, it has actually turned groups of people against each other than live in harmony. In the past, people maintained some form of control to avoid hurting another’s feelings. Nowadays, everyone is “naked” and less tolerant towards each others perceptions.

Perhaps the biggest destruction weapen the Creator gave humanity was a mind and the ability to choose. Today the human race has progressed a lot with knowledge, information and technology – but the human race has lost its ability to be kind, compromising and helpful as a collective race.

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