Amateur thoughts

Speaking your mind is a blessing and curse at the same time. It took me a while to get back to writing because life happened! 

I guess writing requires a bit of control on your thoughts. Its important to think before saying things. Especially when writing on a public domain. I wasn’t writing because of fear. Fear of speaking my mind. Whether what I say will be held against me and my family in the ruthless situation of the World! 

What made me start to write again? Never before today I realised how much writing and expressing my mind is important. Perhaps its the one thing that lets me be myself, regardless what the world thinks. It also inspires me to write in Bengali – a touch I lost over time.

As I scrolled through my own blog, I tried to recognise and reconnect the feelings. But funnily, I couldn’t. Its like those blogs were written by someone else completely! 

Writing is perhaps a way to preserve the person I am now.It is a tool to be fearless. It is where independence begins…!

So here we go, back in business!

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