Thank you Nikola Tesla – For Witricity

My dream come true, my childhood fascinations just took  a reality leap! So Wireless Electricity or Witricity is for real. We can now power any electronic devices without any wired power outlets – although this has not been made vastly commercial! Which is obvious! Because from cars, big screen TV to the usb in our pockets all has been designed based on wired technology to get power, so it will take some time to live in a complete wireless world. How it works ? A single power source (which is like a wireless modem) will create magnetic fields which provides electronic power to our everyday devices! Woohoo!!! This is soo exciting…any geeks to share my enthusiasm ?

…And we have to thank Nikola Tesla ,  ( We have known the “Mad Scientist” and never knew we were referring to one of the World’s most under-rated scientists!), the Serbian American inventor best known for the design of alternate current (AC)  power, who’s invention merged with that of Thomas Edison , the inventor of direct current (DC) power to “light” up our world with electrical technology. He envisioned a wireless world, wireless devices and smart phones.


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