Dressing Provocatively: Really ?

I came across a youtuber’s video the other day, noting , “all girls should see this”. It was meant to be a video advicing girls that they will only meet “jerks” if their profile pictures have provocative pictures and the nice guys will never be interested. It took me 20 seconds to turn it off. At first I found myself agreeing that if a girl posts provocative pictures on social media, then they should expect jerks to ask them out on dates and eventually get laid or even abused. But then it hit me, he’s wrong. Anyone who thinks like that is wrong. This is exactly why, our society has full of sexual predators lurking behind masks of decency and getting away with it. Blame the girl. Blame the human body that has been given the “burden” of a physique that the sight of her skin triggers a desire so strong – that some men – they have no control over the chemicals reactions on their body.

What exactly is provocative? The sight of a cleavage? The swaying of hips? The fact that she is a female – who is considered a weaker gender and okay to overpower and dominate? Will you consider the shirtless, low waisted picture of a man provocative? Or the flexing of his abs and biceps, provocative? Or is the nudity on an artists canvas provocative? Or maybe the Kamasutra paintings all over Indian History, Or maybe every girl living in a location full of erotic statues should be treated like sexual objects because the ambience is provocative.If dressing with your skin showing, or highlighting your bodyparts is considered provocative, why are women under cover getting raped? Why are women as old as 60/70/80 getting raped? Why are children victims of pedophiles? What have they done to attract the attention of these “Jerks”? What are guys who do not view women like objects doing about it? Is asking women to “cover up” or appear “decent” – a real solution?

People of both the gender should have the freedom to present themselves however they like. It may or may not be considered decent, but that gives no one the right to point out that something bad happened to them because they presented themselves in an “indecent” way. If a girl chooses to have photos taken in a bikini and a guy chooses to take his photos taken in boxers, its not necessary that they will only attract sexual predators and jerks; it is not necessary that nice people will not like them because of the way they took pictures.


Instead of asking girls to cover themselves, to dress in a manner that is decent in “your” point of view, people should learn to accept other peoples freedom of expression. Fellow men and boys should be taught to view women as a human being, not an object. Women should have a reason to view men not as a predator, but a protector. Women should not be given the reason to believe that all men are predators ;  when a someone says , stop dressing provocatively – it is indirectly supporting the predator.

Most importantly, it is important to stop insulting the human body of a man or woman by treating them as sexual objects. The human physique in every way is perfection, and it is an offense to judge a soul based on the physique that Nature has gifted them! We should learn to appreciate the beauty of a human body, not rape it, with body or mind or eyes!

man and woman

Dekh le tu dekh te huye kaisa dikhta hai – Look how you look when you have that dirty look



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