Lockdown at Adelaide CBD – not everyday thing to happen

Its one of those days in my life when everything around me seems to be moving and yet, I feel rooted at one stop. I did not know the name Rodney Clavell before 8 am this morning.

I was travelling to work as usual on the tram when the driver announced that Police have locked down Victoria Square to South Terrace (20 Minute walk) and we have to walk the rest of the way. As I walked towards my office, taking alley ways rather than the main street I noticed – Police cars, Detective cars (I recognised them from the tiny red and blue lights flashing at the back),  news and media were spread all over the place. I wasn’t scared, actually felt a little excitement from the TV show scenary like Rookie Blue, NCIS, Law and Order.
When I reached work, boss was OK with my lateness, she told me about Rodney Clavell and that he was probably armed and openly moving around King William Street.
I was concerned for people I know so I posted on Facebook, so that people become aware and careful. Rodney was a threat to innocent people, threatening my lovely, peaceful city. I felt a strong dislike for him.

Work ended and I bumped into a colleague, who was also stuck in the bus that morning. He updated me with the current situation. Rodney, let the hostages go and was found dead. He shot himself, probably. And I felt goosebumps on my skin. This wasn’t a TV show, it was real. A person posing threat to so many innocent people dead. He told the police that he will let this go peacefully, and I guess this was what he meant. I don’t know who Rodney Clavell was. But I felt terrible. He was an ex-prison guard. What couldv’e caused him to choose this criminal path, why did he shoot himself? My mind fell into a limbo of internal battle – we live in a strange world. Stranger than fiction.

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