Technology VS Magic!

What many don’t realise is technology IS magic: it is the FAIRY DUST which makes u spread your wings of communication. It is the MAGIC WAND which can be waved to create what you desire, with limitations of the earthly elements, programming language is the MAGIC SPELL that we use to make extraordinary things happens! We, the inventors of everyday use of technology are all WIZARD and WITCHES…and you still doubt the existence of supernatural power? What we think today, was supernatural a century ago…what we think supernatural today will be an invention tomorrow!

How we use technology defines if it is a good use or bad; how we use magic defines it is a good use or bad. 

Magic was a word used by our ancestors to define unexplainable way things were done; Technology is a word used by modern society to define how to do things faster and more efficiently , but other than the users and inventors  of technology, no one really knows how they work. Just like magic! The only difference between magic and technology is, magic has been kept secret and mysterious, whereas technology is open and free. Can this be why it was harder for our ancestors to accept magic ? Could magic have only been a metaphor of secret keepers to keep public from being empowered ?   Now that public is empowered with technology, is it time we change the ways of society because power is no longer only in the hands of secret – keepers, but individuals of the world ? Can this world be a better place when individuals are empowered with knowledge ? Can we untie the bonds of unethical conducts and conspiracies around the world because we are now empowered by knowledge ? At the end of the day, its not technology or magic that is useful or evil – it is the people who use them as tools of power! 

**Inspired while studying an archives lecture; a post that turned into an essay..and it started with a facebook post!

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