Wintry nights and maze of whys

Its that time of the year again –
When the sun retires early: And
Daylight says “Goodbye old friend!”
Velvety dark sky chases out the lights
Burning romance of wood and fire
Of tingling chilly wintry nights;
I loose myself into maze of whys,
In a gearless car and speeding wheels
I wander into the dangerous streets
Of ifs, buts and maybes
How many more am I still to see?
Though the heart feels a tiny prick
Head held high I strut on my heels
Not a single regretful thought
No – “Why did it have to be me?”
Freedom is my right by birth
My smiles are for those who deserve
I shall enjoy my chilly wintry nights
With pumpkin soup and mom’s delights!

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