The things we gotta do to survive!

The things we gotta do to survive!
And not just to survive
– but take a stand – create an identity – for people to acknowledge our existence.

We take decisions in our lives which mould us into people we become. Our decisions are influenced by actions and reactions based on our own thought process – cognitive power.

And ironically those decisions incur consequences which sometimes go beyond the threshold of our thought process. Before we realise what’s going on, fate sprinkles its fairy dust, and we become lost. We chase shadows in our dreams, we work like machines, we carry out our daily duties like a normal human being but we feel lonely in a crowd. We try to fit reality with our own ideal principles of reality and we loose ourselves in the kaleidoscope of ‘why’?

But answering ‘why’s don’t help us to survive. Most of the time, survival is considered overcoming physical challenges – but the truth is – survival for an everyday person – a Sally, a Joe, a Salma or a Rahul – is making a social identity to acknowledge their existence.

The average Joe stops asking ‘why’ and starts looking for ‘how’?  ‘How to’ s help an average Joe to survive. The average Joe morphs themselves so that ‘Why’s are no longer matter – and all that matters is to survive!

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