Part 6: Maya’s freedom

Sitting at the isolated beach, Maya was lost deep in her thoughts. She continued to think about his reaction when she returned the next morning. She stood outside waiting for him to open the door. He made her wait for an hour, and when he finally let her in, his first statement was “Should I even let you in? What kind of decent man’s wife stays away from home all right”
Suddenly, his barks didn’t affect her anymore. She stepped in and stepped out an hour later, a bag and her laptop in her hands. He didn’t seem bothered to didn’t ask anything.

Maya stood up as the salty air got cooler. Grains of sand shed from her back, she weakened her grip to let the sands pass through her fingers. Time has been moving like that for her since she left him. He didn’t try to get her back, ask her why she was away the whole night – she met him once after that incident, and he expected forgiveness. Although he wasn’t sure if he’d be so generous. He said he couldn’t trust her anymore, where she was going, who she was being with; his demeanor was calm, hurtful and no anger. Sometimes she wondered if he wanted to end their relationship as well and used this as an excuse.

She turned around with her back to the salty waters and walked briskly towards her car. She could’nt help but smile. She smelled the salty air deeply. She smelt freedom instead of old pizzas. She felt lucky. She trembled again to the coolness of the sea-ridden air, she no longer felt fear. She took one last look at the setting sun, marking the end of day. She was looking forward to her warm bed where she can have a sound sleep. She giggled a little thinking of the peace of mind she finally found again. This ia why it was okay to let the thoughts rush in: it helps her to recall,she’s missing nothing. Good Riddance! She exclaimed in her mind, thinking of Nanna’s words.

The end.

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