Forget me nots – a blue flower woven with a love story

In an era where love has become just a four letter word of wordgames or a sober representation of lust – I find myself teary whenever I come across stories of two people in love but never ending up living a life together because universal forces decided to play villanous roles.

Tagore, the Nobel Prize literature writer wove a beautiful poem for “Forget-me-nots” while he was in London when he suddenly remembered his promise to those flowers to write a poem for them too someday. Ah, so poets do talk to their subjects! He “forgot-them-not”.

After hearing this story, a curious question stuck with me – why the name?
According to one legend, a knight and his lady were walking next to a river with lots of blue flowers on the riverbank.
The knight bowed to pick a few for his lady, when he slipped and drowned with the weight of his armour.

As he fell, he threw the bunch of flowers to his lady saying “forget-me-not”.

Their love-story unfulfilled, woven into the name of the blue flowers till date.

Forget me not!


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