Part 4: The beautifully inaccurate accusations

He looked at her with an expression of mistrust and sarcastic smile. She said, she was visiting her nanna. He knew she wasn’t, she went visiting his best friend. This made him angry. So, she was discussing their private affairs with an outsider, unlike he’s warned her over and over.
“Baby, never share our problems with others. “, he’d convinced her. “If you’re mad at me, come talk to me and I’ll make you feel better – other people are jealous of our love”. He was happy she abide this. He hated it when she didn’t.
He was quite irritated when he saw her bumping into that other guy. What an annoying piece of shit he was! He hated the sight of him! He’s heard about Ridoy before: they were friends , she said. He wasn’t concerned as long as they didn’t talk much with each other. He always felt extremely annoyed whenever she visited her nanna as well. What an annoying old bitch! He thought her of an old burden who kept Maya away from him. He hated Maya’s principles: lectures of ethics, concern for anything else that did not involve him. She was very stubborn by nature. But, with him she was as soft as a ragdoll. She was always grateful for everything he did for her. She even put up with the violent temper everyone else complained about. With immense patience, she’d take in all his temper and at one point her anger would turn into tears; all he’d have to do is give her a tight hug, say sorry and a few smooth words and all would be over. She was easy! So easy to convince, so easy to over-power!

But not today, he noticed. She had a different look about a her. He didn’t realise she wasn’t crying.

“Its him isn’t it?”, “the so-called friend of yours, whats his name?”
She stared at unblinkingly. This was expected, she knew his dialogues by heart now. His sad tone – accusing her of displaying their household affairs with other people. She knew his best friend had told him how she felt suffocated with him. She lied deliberately expecting him to be concerned for her. But rather than that, he put up a sorry and hurt voice, he told her he knew how much she liked Ridoy, and seemed so much happy to see him. He pointed out, he was hurt her feelings were so shallow for for him. She could easily swap him with anyone.

Maya felt the ground drop from under her feet this time. Was it anger rising? She wouldn’t fall for the emotional blackmail this time. This was his usual technique: make him-self look like the victim, a sad sorry whimpering voice reflecting low self esteem.

For once she didn’t argue with what he said. She didn’t correct his “misunderstanding” or pump soft sweet words to tend to his ego. If that was his pount of view of her after all this time, she didn’t want to correct him anymore. It was her turn to measure his patience.
Her silent battle began.

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