Being a Shahrukh Khan fan

A friend posted a picture on my wall. It took me a while to register the words “Temptations Reloaded” – “Sydney” –“Shahrukh Khan”.  As adrenalin very slowly rushed over me, I spent the next five minutes squealing and jumping and punching the air , did I mention rolling on the floor ?

You have to understand, I had no expectation that there would be another Temptations, a concert I enviously followed on TV as a teenager and knew I would never have the opportunity to go to one because, I was either not anywhere near the venues where Temptations were taking place or I wasn’t old enough to afford concert tickets and didn’t have the heart to put the financial burden on my dad.

The closest I could get to Temptations was when I was in Malaysia for studies. Sitting in front of the TV, and rocking back and forth in glee I watched the preview of Temptations , a one-hour pre-concert show, showing Shahrukh Khan’s arrival, his accommodation and the VIP treatment he was receiving. As Temptation in Malaysia began, I had goosebumps in my skin.  Wishing against odds, if only I could afford to go see him at a concert. My hopes are never high enough to meet him personally. I like him at a distance – a perfection, far away from my imperfect reality.

Throughout the ups and downs in life, Shahrukh has brought smile on me and my family’s face. My father, the real hero in my life always taught me – never let small obstacles slow you down to achieve something that makes you happy. Hence why, despite our financial crisis, he’d always save up enough to afford a trip to India to visit my grandmother and treat us a Shahrukh movie. That way, Shahrukh has been a part of our Eids since – Kal ho na ho.

When Temptations tour ended – I never expected Shahrukh to be a part of another such full-on concert. He’s a huge celebrity, he doesn’t need to do tours in between movies, gameshows, commercials and what not. After moving to Australia, I hoped from the bottom of my heart there would be a Filmfare – a Stardust, some show which would bring Shahrukh Khan to my new country and I would have a chance to catch a glimpse of him for real.

Once I caught my breath, reality sinked in. This concert was taking place at a metropolitan city whereas I live in a remote state which is three hours flight from Sydney. To top that, I was also broke. So, even though I was broke, I ended up shooing away my small obstacles (of course my equally crazy family supported this madness) to purchase tickets for Temptations Reloaded – and tickets to Sydney.

Am I excited ?

The truth is … I am petrified.

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