Happy Eid! Eid Mubarak!

Eid is a special day that comes twice a year for all Muslims: Eid-ul-Fitr, the day that marks the end of the Holy fasting month Ramadan and Eid-ul-Azha, marking the end of Hajj – An Islamic Pilgrimage.
Eids every year are a token of rememberance for me. As I turn back, I see myself growing up through Eids rather than my birthdays. And this is especially because following traditions my family would do everything new in Eid. The furnitures would be re-arranged for a new look in the house, new curtains, new linen, sharing gifts, inviting new friends we’d meet over for a meal – and along with that – I liked to mark my firsts on Eid too. First Salwar Kamiz, first Saree, first Churi,first Mehendi, first nail-art, new haircut, cooking an item for guests for the first time, first outing to friend’s out(that happened by accident!) etc.
I’ve seen times of my life when affording something new on Eid became a luxury. And yet, Eid without everything new didn’t make a difference! It was still as exciting as always because by my previous Eids gave me such beautiful memories with my grandmoms and friends that they were enough to keep me smiling. As old traditions of having everything new on Eid begin to fade, new traditions such as watching a Shahrukh movie at Theatres began. I learnt in my own way that it was never about new stuff on Eid-it was always about having everything fresh and hospitable to meet ans greet and socialise. It was about sharing and caring for friends, family and neighbours. It was about paying Zakat in time, so that the less fortunate can enjoy their Eid too!
It was about appreciating what we have “right here, right now”.
This Eid after many years, I could afford to take a good time off during Eid-and devout my time to meet and greet and socialise. This Eid, I’ve met people who’ve become friends from strangers, I’ve caught up with old friends and had a good laugh, I’ve mended burnt brides with an old friend, and last but not least tried my best to hold on to cultural traditions.

I hope everyone celebrated this Eid, well.

Eid Mubarak!

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