Random bus treat!

Chracteristically, all living things defy change. Animals tend to mal-adjust if moved away from their surroundings, plants reduces growth in response to the change in environment, and I as a human being, feel a little shaken because I didn’t take the usual bus to work!

My sister points out that I always loose myself because I end up taking a random bus (of course I check if the route is anywhere near my destination!) to see if it goes anywhere nearer my stop. She is right. I have lost myself in various occasions taking a bus that I assumed would stop at a cetain stop-whereas it ended up an express or on a more scary note, took the same street but different neighbourhood!

The truth is, despite the fear of being stranded, not reaching home in time, or taking a little risk, I enjoy the trip to an unknown place. Its rather a treat to look up from a book or the mobile screen and glance at the passing “not so familiar” neighbourhood. It forces you from to stradling away from the usual worries and thoughts of everyday life and helps you to think about something else like: oh Shit! Im lost! How do I go back? Do I have ticket, money ? Oh Im hungry, is there a cafe here somewhere? And then, naturally you are forced to make conversation with the cashier, who smiles (or maybe not) makes small talk and guides you back to the right track!

And when I finally find myself back home, under my warm cozy blanket, I find myself thinking about the little adventure and new faces I’d come across, a new neighbourhood-no longer so new – and most importantly – it makes me appreciate the familiarity of my own surroundings.

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