Adelaide under-construction

I fell in love with Adelaide the moment I stepped outside the Adelaide Airport. A gust of strong summer winds hit my face, as the sun brightly shone on the afternoon. I felt like I’ve been transported into a beautiful postcard as a Skylink bus took me into the main city to the hotel. The streets and pavements squeaky clean (for a city) , the cars moving in measured distances, the mixture of contemporary and 150 year old buildings – almost everyone had a happy smile and eager to help the new dwellers of Adelaide.

A friend of mine saw the tram station built in front of his eyes. And I’ve witnessed the tram extensions to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. I’ve walked on North Terrace, from City East to City West UniSA, at various hours of the day and fell in love with every face of North Terrace.

In 2009, while working on an internship at the Adelaide City Council, I found out the city development plans and making a mental note to make a photo-book of the current Adelaide. I knew my beautiful city was changing long before the constructions.

As I watch my beloved Victoria Square under construction, I feel a little sad, but excited! Victoria Square. No, its nothing like the famous Times Square or any famous square for that matter. Victoria Square is special to me because as a student, everytime I came into Adelaide CBD, I looked at the pretty buildings and wished to work in one of them someday; I wanted to rush at lunchbars during lunch, to grab a coffee on the way to work, to bump
into someone familiar and exchange pleasantaries. I wanted to grow up and belong in Adelaide!

Yes, Victoria Square is underconstruction to be more pretty, modern looking, accomodate transport for more people and be a nice place for office-people to stroll here and there between work.

As I patiently wait for my Adelaide to grow and mature as a city, I can’t help but feel lucky. . And that is because I have the opportunity to see the development of my city before my eyes. I’d like to hold my children’s fingers one day and show off the nooks and corners of Adelaide, recalling a story or a memory- just like my mom and dad related their memories to me – Here’s a toast to the cities we love! Tink!

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