Just a bunch of flowers

A bunch of flowers can say a million words, thats what they say. Sitting there like a pretty bride bride, a bunch of flowers always softens the image of the beholder.

It makes me think, who will these bunch of flowers be presented to? A wife, a husband, a son, daughter or maybe a mother; or maybe a friend who’s face would lit up by the mere sight of the colorful bunch. Or were they for some departed soul-with a long story?

Whatever or whoever they might be for, they are meant to relay a message of love, care, sympathy. A bunch of flowers is a tangible proof of someones feelings-literally handed over to another person.

I’ve grown up in a home, where there’s always been flowers. Not just a bought bunch, but rose beds of all colors, yellow dahlias.

Despite the fact that my parents
love gardening, I am not a huge fan of playing with dirt and worms.
But the sight if flowers makes me feel peaceful. That somethings are just pretty and positive in this world!

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