Lessons from the first job

Its not like no one ever offered me their business card before. Its just that everytime they did, I knew it was not because I was doing anything productive with it. It was because I’d been a customer, student or someone who needed a reference to the card-offerer.

When the gentleman offered me his business card today, I felt – in the most innocent and humble way to put it – responsible. It made me feel that I needed to treasure the card, because for the first time, the offerer was my customer. I was about to have a meeting with him and the outcome would make changes in my workplace and benefit them as customers.

The outcome of the meeting would be the starting of many communications, discussions, arguments, conferences and setting up the way business is done is an organisation.

I’ve always been a keen observer of my surroundings. When walking into a restaurant, I’d always wonder the role of each employee of the restaurant. A bad misbehaved waiter would kill its reputation on first instance! A good well behaved waiter always has the potential to turn the tables around to maintain the restaurants reputation at any point of time.

As an entry-level person at a service desk team, I learnt two very important lessons: one, no matter how big or small a job-do whatever is needed to be the best in it. Two, it is extremely beneficial to observe the people who are not doing general work.

As I developped professional skills as a basic troubleshooter, I wondered about the role of the people who were never working on technical problems but sitting at their desk , staring at their emails, constantly and occasionally going on meetings.

This was the IT industry! Everyone should be a technical person, chasing computers, cords, or speaking a lingo that the third person standing next would have no clue about!
So who were these people pwhen they spoke, spoke a clear and concise language, went into meetings and the moment they returned, a simple email followed to let everyone else know that something has been changed; or improved.

Returning from my day-dreams down the memory lane-I realise today that I finally understand who those people were and what they did! It seems like my curiosity taught me more than my conscious mind could take in.

Their role has been to constantly monitor the business, identify broken-processes and do whatever is needed to make the lives easier for the rest of the team. And now that I find myself in a similar opportunity, it feels amazing to relate back to the first lessons I learnt at my first job!

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