The perks of loving work!

I never understood how people could feel so energised after working so hard. I grew up in a household, where the mom and the dad would run a business, like it was another child! I, sometimes found myself, envious of the object of my parents’ affections. But, I loved the business anyway, just like a sibling! As I grew older, I couldn’t wait to finish my studies and start my own profession!

The idea of dressing up prim and proper, chasing bus, train, tram to get to an “office”, chitchatting in little social conversations with colleagues-getting out on the weekends with them to unwind and relax like a grownup – had always been a forever-waiting dream! I used to wonder: would I love what I do just like my mom and dad? Would I be any good at it?

However, I did not get this feeling on the first day – of my first – field-related  job. That first day at work felt like the first day at school-Kindergarden! If I may say so. That first day, I realised I am finally a grownup and have dressed well, engaged in little chitchats, made friends with some amazing colleagues and of course learnt something new! But I never felt like a true IT professional: hell I kept calling my shifts, ‘classes’!

It has been two and a half years since my first step in the IT industry and it is today that, I actually feel like a professional-in true sense. And honestly, this realisation only occurred because of the responsibilities (not promotion,mind you) I had been given today. The expectation that had been set onto me and a few of my colleagues simply, because we were experienced – because it wasn’t the first day. It wasn’t the task that made me nervous. It was the opportunity to prove to my-self “I’m finally, here”.  I no longer had the excuse to say “I’m new!” or “This is my first day!” just Homer Simpson.

And so, I finally understand the ‘energy’ that drives people who love their work. The inspiration that pushes people to do better in not only jobs, but lives too. And as long as we return home in time to share these little ‘achievements’ with family and friends-there is nothing wrong with loving work! It makes this world a better place for others!

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