An afternoon not far away

All those dishes and greasy corners,
A familiar gush of tap water.
The afternoon sun flood window panes,
I squint in annoyance;
My sense of smell expects minty air
Baba Zarda and Paan Supari flavours
A lady in green and white Saree-
A little girl next to her waiting for Doi-Mishti:
She’s expecting a huge responsibility:
To take the sweet-dish to her daddy;
With tiny steps she’d almost run,
“Careful, astey!”, her mom would warn.
She’d pass the tray shakily,
She’d better not wake the little baby;
As if to claim the Everest!
She’d climb into bed between mom and dad,
Grandma would smile at her adoringly:
“Little girl it’s time for another story!”
As the Zahr Azaan showers the air,
I’m brought back to present time,
The dishes all shiny and wiped and clear-
I smile at my memory ride.
&copy Tasnim Hafiz 2013

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