Rain and Romance

Here we go again!
The pitter patter dancing rain;
I’d like to shoo them all away,
They make me lazy all day!
I try to read a storybook,
They sing their lullaby”Drop drop drop”
I fall into a slight slumber;

I try to drive properly,
They make me nervous with their mischief;
My windshields clogged and hazy
I call the ‘wipers’ to rescue me;
The Wipers shove aside the little droplets
They step aside like Bejewelled Diamonds!

Oh such bother you are my rain!
You are sometimes such a pain,
Yet in silence I like your song,
To slumber while you lull along;
They say rain and romance go hand in hand,
I’ve got you but where’s your romance?
Copyright 2013 A T Hafiz

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