Laugh at life

Laugh at those who mock you, Such Clowns! Laugh at people who mistook your humility, Such ignorance! Laugh at the ignorant husband, He lost a loving wife. Laugh at someone who’s framed you for a fault which was theirs, Because they were cowards. Laugh at people who’ve made fun of your physical attribute, You’ve laughed at theirs discreetly. Laugh at people who abandoned you, You didn’t have to do the dirty job! Laugh at your broken heart when listening to love songs, Such sillyness! Laugh at a jealous friend who’s left your side, Because they’ve put up a price of your friendship. Laugh at those who didn’t share your success, They couldn’t handle it. Laugh at me when I’m angry, Because I eat my own words! Laugh because they never joined your spontaneous dance, They’d never know what adrenalin is! Laugh if tomorrow never comes… Oops hope Ronan doesn’t sue me! Laugh with me Because I just realised “Tomorrow never comes” translates to “Kal ho na ho” Laugh for no reason at all, Roll on the floor laughing because you want me stop now…:D

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