Marriage. A single simple word, but probably the most important word in a person’s life. It’s that event, when most of the time, people adapt to changes willingly, simply because it makes their better half, happy. Well…non-complicated marriages anyway… Until recently, marriage had simply been an event of fascination for me because I grew up listening to wedding stories. Every time the Groom related his wedding and “How I met your mother” stories, I would be engulfed in a land of imagination through his words. To me, weddings were magical events; events every girl dreams of since she plays “house”. I indulged myself amongst the still photographs of a very special wedding: the red and golden bride, the Groom in white Sherwani, Nagra and Pagri;the mother of the Groom feeding him a glass of milk, as a gesture of blessing; the father of the Bride “giving away” his daughter to the Groom, the mehendi, the Nikaah, the first stepping of the Bride into her new home and much more countless pictures . As I reached adulthood, the meaning of marriage became much more to me than a fascinating event. Romantic comedies such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Jab We Met, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman never failed to put the idea on my (and many young womens’) head that true love is about meeting the “Right” guy and “falling in love”…and obviously where there is love and Mr. Right, marriage follows. As I reached womanhood, the meaning of love has become much more than meeting Mr. Right and falling in love. Amina and Khairul’s marriage have taught me to compromise, trust, respect and be compassionate to make any relationship successful. And in a marriage, maintaining these four aspects makes “Love comes softly” (after a wonderful Hallmark Movie). Finally, the best part of a successful marriage is when love fades and a friendship blossoms… Today, I found myself inspired to begin again, pastel painting, making “wedding” a subject. I curved the numbers 28, out of various symbols which represents an Indian wedding, for the 28th Anniversary of Amina and Khairul. The Pagri(Turban), Nagra(Sandals), and a peacock feather represents the number 2, and a bride, represents the number 8. I wish a wonderful happy successful married life to the couple, who are more inspiring to me than Kajol and Shahrukh onscreen, who are the reason I still believe in marriage, and because of whom, weddings are not just colourful, but magical events for me. Happy 28th Marriage Anniversary ma and dad. May Allah bless your wonderful companionship.

© Tasnim Hafiz – 2012

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