Food for thought: From a USB to ONE World

I was plugging a USB onto my iPod dock, when the words on display caught my eyes. “Reading”, it said, as I waited for the tracks to load. It reminded me of the word “Ikhrah”, and the Islamic anecdote of how the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh). From the words of my grandmother, she related that Angel Gibrail embraced the Prophet to his chest, and said “Ikhrah”, meaning read for Arabic. And the rest is history…
Getting back to reality, I started thinking of how a USB works? Now come on! That’s not hard. Given, we have powered the USB reader, in other words, our laptops, computers, car-docks, the USB transmits information through an electric current! Similarly, any electronic device transmitting information from one device to another uses electric current, like a TV, radio, electric oven, computers. Nice and easy.
My logical mind always questioned religious and mythological anecdotes, not as a doubt, but how did those stories originate? Are they really true? In fact, my logical mind always seeks logic in religious beliefs and mythological stories. Religion or myth, I always questioned the fact behind these mysterious, somewhat “out of this World” experiences. Fact is stranger than fiction, they say. Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), Joan of Arc, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Valmiki, and numerous other well-known and unknown sages from different communities have claimed to have encountered such experiences. Assuming, these encounters are valid, are these claims really possible? What seemed common amongst all these accounts is that, there is a medium through which they have encountered such supernatural experiences. Interestingly, that medium never has a form, they are always in spirits, they are non-tangible, but they are visible and their presence is felt.The truth is, it doesn’t really matter if we are believers of a religion, what really matters is, from time to time, at every era and every place, human beings have been supplied with information, and guidance to develop a civil society and live a fruitful life, through a medium, more commonly known as, an Angel. But what does an Angel have in common with a USB? A USB and an Angel both carry information and they both work through electric current. Don’t believe me? How many times have you visualised a bright Angel emitting light and floating in air? Some of us have our religions telling us, Angels made of light! Thank God for Benny (Benjamin) Franklin. Interestingly, there have been no reports of anyone claiming visits from these Supernatural spirits called Angels, after Benny dear, discovered electricity. However, I am not challenging the claims of Prophets from the past. In fact, it makes me believe more in their claims. Ben has actually proved the existence of these Supernatural beings. Think about it. Light. Can you deny it doesn’t exist? If light exists, why do we call things that emit light, supernatural?
Now, what is light? Light is an electromagnetic wave, which is produced when an electric current runs through a magnetic field.Therefore, light is a product of electric current, electric current is a flow of electrons which in the proper environment emits light. If we assumes Angels emitted light. In that case, it is possible that these people who claimed to have been “enlightened” with information, were literally enlightened to transmit information via electromagnetic waves. Just like how a USB transmits information into a reader, through the flow of electrons.Is it possible that from the beginning of time, humans from different race and community are being supplied with information and guidance which we now know and believe as religions?
added later (26 June 2007) I have been thinking for two whole days, the scientific possibility of transmitting information through light into a human body through electromagnetic waves? The answer is plain and simple again. Energy.
Looking back through history, the human race have been gifted with scholars through the ages. Each period had its Leonardo Da Vinci, Ibn Batuta, Galileo, Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Ada Byron Augusta, Tim Berners Lee who were all “enlightened” with knowledge and developed the World to what it is today.
Since Ben Franklin discovered the secrets of producing light, the World has never looked back. The Creator   never seemed to have stopped sending us knowledge, the World just became too bright for mankind. Knowledge became the source of power, but power is also the reason for greed and dominance.In the greed of power, over time, man seems to have gone blind. While fighting to dominate each other, man may have truly forgotten its origins, and misunderstood the concept of Knowledge completely. Leaders of different communities, be it whites, blacks, arabs, indians, orients, and any small and large tribes either fought to retain the existence of their or got too busy to conquer others using the power of knowledge. And people who have voiced this, has been called heretics for ages. So based on history there is only one fa ct that repeats over and over again. That, there ;is one who have been sending advice and guidance for the maintenance of the human race over and over again, through an Angel? Hmm…not the correct word for this age. We now call it Knowledge. Clearly, there is a hard drive out there somewhere which stores such information. Who is the owner of that hard drive? Is it Allah, God, Bhagwan , Nirvana, Zeus,The Divine or simply, the Creator? No matter how many names we have for the Source of that information, through time, It has tried to convey to us only ONE message in various ways. ONE message that seems impossible to achieve in reality, but is true in the virtual world that we are creating today, every second and counting. The message of accumulating knowledge as ONE community. ONE World.
© Tasnim Hafiz – 2012

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