Just an average desi girl in my mid 20’s. Never thought the word “technology” and “myself” would go in the same line, but here I am in the IT industry and enjoying every bit of it. I am a huge fan of movies and music (yup, including Indian films and music). Writing is a passion: it comes to me naturally, whenever I feel strongly for something.  If you browse my articles you may realize, I write about various topics, reflecting my opinion and observations about them … hope you have a good time surfing my blog and would love to see some comments and shares….



Bangladeshi by heart, Australian by nature;)

“Never did i imagine that in this kaleidoscope of people, there would also be some who doesn’t understand the language of love…”
“Free spirit”
“friends. near or far, wherever they are, they always sense, the voice of distress, and in moments of despair, they stand by ur side and remind u, ur alive.” by me
“when someones back is pushed to the wall, sometimes proving a point is not everything, a smile, nod and staying quiet is sufficient but is usually mistaken for weakness, its actually strength in its best form”
“‘why do we fall bruce?’ ‘so we can learn to pick ourselves up’ : batman begins”
“‘Someone said it right, never provoke the wrath of a lovely woman, you wouldn’t like the consequence of it.”
“with great power comes great responsibility: spiderman”
*and crossing mountain high hurdles don’t pain as much as tiny pricks of rose thorns.
*In reality there is no rich relative to help u in financial troubles, there is no knight in shining armour to fight your battles for you, there is no fairy godmother to make your dreams come true; in reality however, there is hard work, compromise, tact, patience, believing in yourself – heres to YOU as your own hero:)
“I’m a mixed desi culture born, migrant to a western society – I’ve got the best of all my worlds”
Faith restored: My Creator knows me inside out, so I don’t need to explain myself to my Creator, I also don’t worry about what other creations think of me

There will always be a reason to go one step further, one step closer to your destiny, no matter how many obstacles come your way, there always will be at least one reason to move forward and its these reasons which make you live life!
“Success cannot be measured by increasing numbers, success is getting someone from saying”I don’t understand” to “I understand”, making people see the benefits from your perspective, and enjoying taking a risk knowing there is a slight chance of failure…success is a passion, not a number.” – By me
“What many don’t realise is technology IS magic: it is the FAIRY DUST which makes u spread your wings of communication. It is the MAGIC WAND which can be waved to create what you desire, with limitations of the earthly elements, programming language is the MAGIC SPELL that we use to make extraordinary things happens! We, the inventors of everyday use of technology are all WIZARD and WITCHES…and you still doubt the existence of supernatural power? What we think today, was supernatural a century ago…what we think supernatural today will be an invention tomorrow!” By me:)
“Migration is never easy. Recalled the first morning I woke up in Montreal, nearly 17 years ago. guest in an unknown house…my world ended up with three people and a few suitcases. It was scary, I never slept anywhere except the warmth of my home and arms of my dadi(granny)…but some angelic people made us feel welcome and held our hands to walk through the difficult days…will always be grateful to them…and hope to see them again, someday. ” by me

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